AWS S3 CDN Service

Version: 1.0.0


The AWS(R) S3 CDN Service addon provides an interface between your static media, theme, and custom file resources and Amazon S3 buckets. It easily connects with your CloudFront Distribution to synchronize minified and compressed files generated by CodeDragon performance plugins.


Amazon S3 CDN


  • Includes a convenient link to the Amazon sign-up page
  • Create a new CloudFront distribution from within SmartCache
  • Choose the S3 Bucket origin, SSL rule, and CNAME
  • Test the connection to CloudFront and see the results before deploying
  • The exact cache structure is synchronized with the CDN: minified, compressed and mobile files


Wordpress v4.0.0 or later
PHP 5.4 or later
SmartCache Premium v1.0.0 or later
SmartImage Premium v1.0.0 or later