I don't see the sc_vault folder in /wp-content/uploads or I don't see any cached content within that folder.

May 17, 2018

Depending on which settings group you have enabled, different cache folders will be created. For desktop access, the sc_vault folder will be created. The sc_vault_mobile folder is generated the first time a mobile user visits the site and the “Mobile Cache” option is set on the Browser Caching tab. Under each will be a folder for each domain of the site (the main one for standard WordPress, and one for each of the WordPress Mulitsite domain). Under these domain folders there will be one or more of the following: a sc_remote folder for any remotely acquired content, a sc_combine folder for combined files, and a sc_static folder for each statically-generated HTML file. If none of these folders appear, check the folder permissions of the /wp-content/uploads folder. A good article on setting folder permissions is Changing File Permissions on WordPress.org.

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